I am really glad that I get to email today, it has been a crazy last few days here. As a missionary you can't really keep track of anything "worldly" including weather. I never found that too annoying until this week with the typhoon coming. We heard that it was going to be the worst HK has seen in 50 years, then we heard that it wasn't a big deal. It was pretty hard to get some accurate information. We were able to go to church, but afterwards, we had to just stay inside. We live on the 31st floor so we weren't too worried about flooding, they did have us put tape on the windows in case they broke so glass wouldn't get everywhere. So we had a nice Sunday inside trying to be as productive as possible. The storm really hit while we were sleeping last night. I sleep like a rock no matter what, so it didn't bother me at all. haha. But we looked out side and no too much damage was done. Just a lot of debris and stuff from the wind. I guess the translated name of the storm is the "Heavenly rabbit" typhoon. As quickly as it came, its no gone and we are having a regular p-day.
What else about the week? We had what is called mission tour on Wednesday. It is where the Asia area presidency comes and has a whole day of training with the mission. It was a really cool experience. After the meeting the Presidency wanted to interview a few of the missionaries and they asked me if I would be willing to. I got a solid amount of time with Elder Larry Wilson of the 70. It was probably one of the coolest things I have done on my mission. We had a nice chat. He shared a few personal stories and then bore the most powerful testimony of the Savior I ever heard. That was that, and we went back to work, ready to take on the world! 

Thursday was also the Mid-Autumn Festival and it is easily my new favorite holiday! One of the members in our ward, the Au Family, had us over for dinner. Ate some eel and chicken feet, then got ready for the festivities. The Au family has 3 little kids and they are the cutest, especially how excited they were to go outside and play. So I am not totally sure why, but everyone has lights and lanterns and glowsticks and just hangs out and enjoys eating moon cakes. The Au's live on the beach so we went and checked it out. Jing Jing, the Au's youngest son who is 4, gave me and Elder Phillips these glowstick glasses and bracelets to wear. haha so we went down to the beach carrying lanterns and wearing glowsticks. We got some of the funniest looks. haha. We took tons of pictures, so hopefully I will be able to send some next time. haha. It was just fun watching all the kids play. It was a perfect time to contact families and that is exactly what we did, glowsticks and all. haha. I was sad to hear that the floating lanterns are actually illegal. Something about starting fires and stuff. So there weren't any of those...

We had a hard week as far as the work goes though. Not a ton of success meeting new people or seeing our investigators. The Festival and then the Typhoon made it hard to schedule with people. But we aren't getting down on that at all.

It is so cool to hear about how well everyone back at home is doing. Keep it up! 

Well, sorry there isn't much else to report on. The missions a pretty awesome experience. I recommend it. haha

Love you guys,
Elder Woodburn