Friday, March 7, 2014

March 3, 2014 - Another Great Week

This week really flew. Not sure what made it different, but it went by unusually fast. We had a lot of excitment with Elder Holland coming and having a mission meeting with him. We were able to visit a few part member families as well this week. It was really a full and productive week on all fronts.

So last Monday we were able to visit a recently returned missionaries family. His little brother is less active and the dad is not a member. We had a nice visit with them. It can be difficult at times, I mean evaluating different situations and not be too overbearing. But we shared a nice message about the importance of family and how we can strengthen families through reading the Book Of Mormon. It was a nice simple message that hopefully got them thinking. We will continue to keep up with them and be sure to help out where we can. It is all about making sure you have a good relationship.

Tuesday was the meeting with Elder Holland. It was a really awesome experience. The meeting was in Wan Chai on Hong Kong Island. We got there early and helped set up for the all mission picture. We got all set up and everyone slowly filled in. We were able to take a nice mission picture then shake hands with Elder Holland as we entered the chapel and took our seats. Elder Hallstrom of the seventy was also there and we got to meet him as well. Both gave talks along with their wives. It was a really awesome meeting. Elder Holland talked a lot about making sure we can establish true conversion not only for our investigators but for ourselves as well. Really powerful. He also helped us understand more about the Book Of Mormon and how we can better apply it to help those without a Christian background. He is a fantastic teacher. We were all afraid that he was going to come at us with lots of fire, since Elder Holland is so passionate about missionary work, but he complimented us on our obedience, diligence, and attitude of wanting to grow. I have never felt more love from a speaker.

Wednesday was a solid day as well. we had to go up to 上水, to figure out some apartment problems and renew the contract with the land lord. It is near the border into mainland so we had about a 45 minute train ride to get there. on the way I sat next to this really nice woman, Mrs. Lee. As I sat I could tell she was wondering what my name tag said so we started to talk. She was really interested in what missionaries do and why, but not so much about the message itself. She was really surprised that I could speak chinese. haha. she told me that I should go up into mainland, that there are more people there that would listen to us and join our church. haha. By the end of the train ride she said that she was happy to hear more about what we do. She complimented us on how nice and mannerly we were and that it changed her mind on how she looked at missionaries. We have a lot of conversations with strangers but this one stood out because I felt like we were successful even though she didnt want to hear the message. She changed her mind that we are good people and not all the bad things that people say we are. In my mind, missionaries are going to continue to have these conversations and then see the work start to role. I was glad that someone noticed a good example.

Friday we had an activity with the youth. I am optimistic about how it went, but in all honesty, it is hard to really capture the attention of a group of young men and young women from ages 12-17. We talked a lot about the importance of missionary work and how we can be missionaries now. We watched the little video about the family sharing the gospel to the song, "Ill go where you wantt me to go". I then shared about Alonzo and how he got me to come to church along with all the other friends that kept inviting me and encouraging me. It was a nice sharing because it helped the youth see that successes do happen. After that, the sisters helped them all do some practices in inviting friends or helping the missionaries teach. Overall, It was just sort of difficult to keep everyone involved, but we did our best. Hopefully the youth are excited to help us with the work in their ward!

Sunday we didnt have anyone at church, but we spent a lot of time talking with the leaders in our ward so that we can better cooperate. I ended up getting a migraine afterwards so I just had to stay in and sleep it off. I am pretty useless when they get that bad. I am feeling better today and am ready to get back to work. 

Today I am going to the doctor to get some shots for the pain in my knees. I have been there once before and so i am not too nervous. The doctor is never fun, but the shots will take some of the pain from my knees.

Hope everyone is doing well. Cool to hear that Ryan and Hadley got into BYU. That place is going to be popping for sure after the mission. haha. a lot of the missionaries here are excited hearing that their younger siblings got in as well.

Loving everyday. Learning everyday. the way that it should be. Know that all is well in Hong Kong!