Ngohge Gatihng tuhng maih puhngyauh,

How is everyone doing out there? I was excited to hear from a lot of you this week. There is nothing better than hearing from friends at BYU or back home. Big congrats to Connor for making it to the California State Championships for Hockey! That is way crazy! #GSE. I can't wait to see Alex in here in a couple of weeks. Overall, it is good to know that life goes on while we are away. It makes me so happy to hear that everyone is doing well.

So, what to say about this last week? Things really are going great. Language has gotten a little harder because or teachers are starting to move into some more complicated grammar structures since we now know the basics, at least I think we know the basics. I'm probably wrong. haha. They also won't listen to us if we aren't trying to do the right tones. Tones are hard! haha, but they will come. We took a video of our second day at the MTC speaking Chinese and looking back on it now, we have gotten soooooo much better. I couldn't do anything but laugh watching it because we were so bad. I'm sure if we did another video now and looked at it in a month, I would laugh even harder. Language is one of our biggest struggles here, but it is nice to see progress.

I think I said this last week, but the hardest part of being here longer than anyone else is seeing them go. Three Filipino districts that came to the MTC the same day as us, left today. They were so great. I am really going to miss them, but I am happy they are heading out. From what I've heard, the Philippines sound crazy and they will just add to it! haha. Since they are leaving that means we are getting three more districts on Wednesday! We don't get to host, mainly because they don't want us to miss out on language study, but my companion Falk and I will get to introduce and show them around that night. It will be so great getting to help them get acquainted with the MTC life because we had awesome zone leaders to help us. The first few days in the MTC can be rough, so it is an awesome opportunity to be able to help smooth that transition. We have 8 or 9 internationals coming on Tuesday, so we will see how that goes. I'm pretty sure they all speak English, but we will see! To be continued...

This week I discovered a love for the book of Psalms. They are beautiful scriptures. Very poetic, but they speak gospel truths. So I decided to read a Psalm a day (or 5 or 10...) to help me study and get through the day. Check them out! Like I said, they speak simple truths and they are so great to read. Also, I just finished reading about the missionary Ammon in the Book of Mormon. I think every little boy in the church looks up to Ammon, I am no exception! haha. I think what made Ammon different is that he had so much trust in the Lord. Trust is a huge thing in missionary work. It is also of benefit to all of us. If we can learn to totally trust (easier said than done) in the Lord, He will lead and guide us like we cant even believe. I have had glimpses of that so far. Continue to trust and you will see miracles. Remember, miracles happen everyday. We just need to look for them. Trust me, they are there!

Sorry if all of my emails seem the same. Honestly, 90% of our days here are the same. We are on the same schedule, doing the same things, day in and day out. No complaints here though. Remember how I was so excited to learn Chinese before I came in here? Well, I have definitely had to think back to that time when things are hard. Things here are hard, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I feel great about the progress that has been made so far, and I look forward to how much is ahead of me!

Know that we have a loving Father in Heaven. His son, Jesus Christ, is very aware of you. He will always be there for you. To listen and talk. They are the source of all good and true strength. It is as simple as that.

I love you all and love hearing from you. Keep up the good work out there!


Wuh Jeung Louh