Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25, 2013 - LAST WEEK AT THE MTC!

Dimaa Diah Louh!
How is eveyone doing? It has been another crazy fast week here at the MTC. It is my last week here and I can harldy believe it. 9 weeks is a long time, but it has felt so short. Then at times it has felt like forever. haha. Missionary time is just a little funky. We leave next Monday and have a whole 2 days of flying! I say 2 because we leave early Monday for HK and don't arrive until Tuesday night. It is a wild time change. But I am so excited to head out and begin teaching people the gospel.
This week has been great. We got our flight plans on Friday and since then we have all been so excited. The excitement was closely followed by a sense of, "Are we all really ready to go?" It is scary to think that we are all going to live in China and speak Chinese for the next two years. Very scary. But we have all put in our best effort and that is all that we can do. Is it enough? Probably not, but that is the glory of Christ and His Atonement. He doesn't just make up what we lack, He has paid the whole price. Our efforts are just a way to show our gratitude for that sacrifice. Sort of like a mom paying for her child's piano lessons. She pays for the lessons and the child can chose to practice or not. Regardless of what the child choses to do, the lessons have been paid for and the mother hopes her child takes the opportunity and uses it. This little analogy has really helped me realize the fact that Christ has already paid the price, He just wants our best now. We don't need to be perfect, just willing to try, and try, and try. He loves us all so much.
This upcoming week is going to be a crazy one. We have twenty new missionaries coming into our zone so we will welcome and show them around this week, and try to get them acquainted with the MTC life. Then on top of that, we need to be packing and making preprations for our trip halfway across the world. Then on top of that, we need to say goodbye to all of our friends and teachers here at the MTC. I am really not looking forward to that. Our teachers are the greatest people in the world, so it will be hard. The upside is that one of our teachers is a native of HK and is moving back this Summer! So she said that if we serve in her ward that we can always call her up to help with a lesson. Member prescence is a wonderful tool. Also our other teacher will be in HK all Summer working on a project of hers, so we will probably get to see both of them while we are there! So cool.
Sorry this is a short one, much to do. The story of missionary life and work... haha. But I love you all. I work hard everyday, and I think of you as I do it. I have the greatest support network in the world. So thank you all very much! My next email wil be coming at you all the way from HK!
Moses chapter 1. Changed my outlook on somethings. Take some time to look at it. The scriptures hold so much power if we take the time to read them!
Love (ngoi)
Elder Woodburn (Wuh Jeung Louh)

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