Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013, Went to Mainland this Week...Well, almost

What's up back on the home front? Sounds like things are going great! People going in the MTC, Killing it at school and work, Birthdays, just sounds awesome! I really miss all you guys but there are some pretty funny stuff going on out here as well. I'm sorry if a lot of you guys were expecting to here some awesome stories about mountains being moved, seas parting, etc, but I do have some awesome stories from this week.
So this week we did exchanges in the New Territories for a day or so and so that means I got to go to see a new area. So I was with another new missionary, Elder Walters, in Yuen Long. Yuen Long is probably the exact opposite of what you would expect Hong Kong to be like. It is jungly, no tall buildings, and just gross huge bugs wherever you go. So during the exchange we had set up a service opportunity to help one of the investigators there. So we met her at the bus stop and we rode a mini bus for 45 minutes to the border. turns out that she lives on a mountain right next to the Mainland. It was the weirdest place I think I have ever been. Her and her family live in this weird shack thing on top of a mountain practically in mainland. We helped her clean out this old abandoned warehouse thing with trash. It was disgusting. So many bugs and insects, not a big fan of them. then when we had to go to the bathroom she pointed to a bucket in the middle of this little jungle clearing with a burlap sack hanging from a tree for privacy. I don't think that I could accurately describe the setting. haha. It was just really crazy. the service went really well. Always fun to help someone out. So overall it was a sweet experience, one I will remember.
We did have the chance to meet with a new investigator this week. Her name is Coco and she is awesome! She has a 7 year old son named Gordon and he is hilarious. I taught him how to do knuckles so it is his new favorite thing to do. We have to be very slow and very clear about everything we teach though, They don't really know anything about Christ, so it can be hard starting from square one. In a way, it is really nice being able to teach someone about Christ for the first time. Coco and Gordon are the best!
We also had a chance to meet with Erica this week and she is still doing great. She doesn't have much of a Christian background either, but she is trying her hardest to learn. She started the Book of Mormon and was just a little confused. I can imagine it would be tough for someone with no Christian background to just start reading. So we are working with her, and she is doing great!
Other than that, we had lots of finding this week. Things out this way in the New territories can be tough sometimes. Lots of people are very traditional, traditional Chinese I guess. All Buddhist and have little interest in hearing what two white boys have to say. But We do what we can with what we got. Things were hard this week, but I'm appreciating the hard week more and more.
Chinese is getting better and better. Really starting to enjoy learning. I think that's the key, love to learn. you do that and you will learn even quicker! The nice thing out here is a lot of people still don't know that we know any Chinese so when we talk with them, they are always surprised. We had an investigator call us and he thought that he had the wrong number because our accent was getting so much better. Small wins, but wins nonetheless.
That's really it for the week, kinda boring and I'm sorry about that, but stay tuned, I will be trying to spice it up for next weeks letter home. I love you guys.
Elder Woodburn

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