Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013 - Lots of Change

Well it has been a great week, probably one of the busiest on my mission so far. I got a call from President this last week and told me he had a new assignment for me. So I am officially the China Hong Kong Mission Distribution Manager and Referral Secretary. So what does that mean exactly? I am in charge of a lot of different stuff. I make sure that we have enough Books of Mormon for the mission in what seems like a billion different languages. Along with other materials the missionaries use to help people get to know more about the church, also in a billion weird languages. Need a Book of Mormon in Swahili? I'm your man! Another big responsibility is helping my companion, the housing Elder, get around Hong Kong. So that means I have to drive everywhere. So I went to the Island today to apply for my drivers licence. It is pretty crazy on the roads here, that's for sure. But by next week I will be hitting the road. My companion, Elder Woo, is a native and so he doesn't know how to drive. that's another thing, My companion and I have the same last name in Chinese, so it has been a little confusing. haha. There are some perks to the job besides driving though. Our apartment is actually inside the China Hong Kong Temple. Pretty sweet, huh? Going to the temple is so awesome, so living in one has been that much greater. We also have an IPhone. It is kinda weird. So things here in the office are a lot different. We have a lot of responsibilities. We do the regular missionary work, but we have a lot of extra responsibilities. So we do as much as we can, but there is never a dull moment. Mondays are usually our P-days, but we usually don't have a ton of time to really do much. Just to much to do.

So this week we opened up a new apartment in Tuen Mun so we had to drive out there a few times and set things up. Went to IKEA and bought everything a missionary apartment needs, and then it took practically the whole day to set it up. IKEA isn't as user friendly as you might think.

The rest of the time, I have been here in the office learning how to do my new responsibilities. Its been a crazy week for sure.

I was sad to say goodbye to Butterfly for sure, but that's the nature of things as a missionary. You do all you can. You serve them, you love them, you do all you can. Then you leave. I really did put my heart into that area. I know things are going to continue to grow.

I guess that would be my message for the week. Life goes on. Things change. But you got to have confidence that good things are going to continue to come. I was said to leave so many great friends behind, but I have the confidence that good will come. Just keep doing what you can, all that you can. Hope that is inspiring, maybe just a little bit. If not, go watch conference. That wont let you down. We don't get to watch it until next week. Just because the time change and needing to make sure it is fully translated. So I am pretty stoked to see it next week.

Pray for me that I don't ruin the entire mission because I can't get enough Books of Mormon or something.

Love you guys,
Elder Woodburn

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