Sunday, October 13, 2013

Oct. 14, 2013 - The Office

Things are going really well. The week really flew by. Crazy how that seems to happen week in and week out.

The office is a little different of a life than the one I have been living for the past nine months. We are swamped right now with trying to find new places to live for all the missionaries. Our mission is really growing. My responsibilities aren't really that bad, but my companion is the housing coordinator, so he is really busy! 

I wish I had more to report on but there isn't a ton to tell. We got a big batch of new missionaries from the MTC this last week and so we had to do a lot to get them into their areas and starting to share the gospel. I never realized all the behind the scenes stuff that it takes for our mission to run smoothly. A lot of little things that got to get done. Like going to the bakery, pharmacy, and missionaries apartments. That does remind me of a good story...

So we got a call from some missionaries on the island that they locked themselves out of their bedroom and couldnt get back in. So we went there with the biggest set of keys I have ever seen. Took a while but we tried every single key and not a single one worked. So we called the landlord and got permission to break the doorknob off... Problem was that we didnt have a hammer so we took the weights off a barbell and went to town to get the knob off. It was pretty fun... haha But we got it all figured out and a new doorknob. So all is well.

There was also a little bit of stress this week because of BOM order didnt come in on time so our mission went this week without any Books of Mormon to hand out. Luckily they came in this morning and all is well again. I felt like a customer service worker at the lost luggage department. Which brings me to another story...  

So some of the new missionaries luggage was lost and the airline couldnt find it. that caused a headache for everyone! Turns out their luggage went to Japan instead of HK. They got it all figured out and the bags finally got here, but not before everyone went out to their areas. So we spent a whole day delivering luggage all over HK. It was pretty cool actually. HK is pretty small, but it is just so crowded. Especially the roads!

I haven't driven yet. Last week I went and applied for my Chinese liscence and it takes a week to process it. So I go tomorrow and pick it up. Driving is pretty crazy, but most of it is just bumper to bumper stuff so thats not so bad. The worst is parking. There is nowhere to park ever. And when you do find a place the spot is really tiny and hard to get into. We drive a giant van so it can be pretty tough. It turns like a boat. So pray that I dont get any parking tickets... haha

This week seems to be equally as busy. A realtor is taking us around Hong Kong island tomorrow looking for new apartments. Never thought I would be going house shopping on a mission. Just one more thing you would never expect.

Since we have been so busy, we only have a little time to teach and proselyte. I am hoping that changes because I am already missing the normal work of missionary work. 

Overall, things are going great. Since we work in the office I have been thinking a lot about the Office lately. No one really fits the personalities from the show except for me. I would say that I am definatley Ryan, but in saying that I make myself Michael Scott. haha

Conference was awesome! Waiting an extra week to watch it was killer, but it was worth the wait. If you didnt watch it, repent and go watch it. My favorite quote comes from Elder Dube. he said something to this effect, "Its not about where we have already been, but about where we are willing to go." Align your will with His and I promise you will find happiness. Real happiness.

Love you guys,
Elder Woodburn

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