Monday, October 21, 2013

Oct. 21, 2013 - Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel

Another week in the office has come and gone. Time really does fly. This will be short, but just know that everything is going really well! I wont bore you with the details of everyday life. But I will share a few stories from the week.

So we finally had some time this week to do some real missionary work. So we got out on the streets and met and talked with people. Our area has a huge university campus so we meet a lot of students. Many of the students are from Mainland who don't speak Cantonese so we do our contacting in broken English or my companion talks to them in Mandarin. I usually just smile and nod. 80% of communication is body language, right? haha. But it was fun just being back out there doing what missionaries do. Talking to anyone who wants to listen, knowing our message will change everything for them. We do have one investigator who we were able to meet with this week and his name is A-Seui. He is a 17 year old kid who had a friend in another ward. He has been coming to seminary every morning and has tons of questions. We were able to meet and teach him. He is great, but just has a lot of challenges to overcome. His family is really opposed to him coming to our church, and has some other complicated family problems. But he wants to learn and keeps coming to church and seminary. He has a lot of faith and he doesn't even know it.

The other story is of little importance really, but is just sort of funny. I needed a haircut and I didnt want to spend the money to go get one. So I tried giving myself a haircut. I did not work. I ended up just having to buzz it all pretty short. Bootcamp style... haha All the missionaries here have walked in and just laughed. haha the Cowleys, the senior office couple, have just laughed and laughed. My companion says I look like Buddha, belly and all. haha. Last time I try and give myself a haircut...

The office is great. Really rewarding having this opportunity to help the misisonaries here fulfill their purpose! The work is true. Nourish your testimony. It is everything.

Elder Woodburn

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