Friday, November 22, 2013

Nov. 21, 2013

Another week come and gone! This one felt a little longer because we switched our P-Day to thursday instead of the usual Monday. But no complaints! It makes for a short week this week.

So how goes it back in the states? Im sure you are busy with school and sports and the daily rigors of life! That has how it has been for us here. We have been really busy getting new elders in, buying apartments, moving, and finding.

So this last week we got one new elder in. He is a mandarin speaker, but we were really stoked to have him come and stay with us for a night before he went out to his area. It was so nice to just be getting one elder in stead of 12 or 13 like we usually do. It is a lot less to get ready for. I like seeing the new missionaries come in becuase they are soooooooo jet lagged and culutre shocked, but they are also just stoked to be missionaries and get to talk to everyone in Chinese. He wanted to hear stories from our missions so far and so it was fun telling some good stories and getting him that much more excited to get out there and do what he was sent here to do. I love new missionaries!

We also have a few apartment contracts ending at the end of the year, so we are getting closer to having to renew or find new ones. The Hong Kong housing market is insane, so the prices are pretty high, so it is a lot to think about as we try and find new places. It is kind of fun going around and looking at potential places. We bought a new apartment down on the island at the beginning of last week and spent a lot of money. A LOT of money... haha but it is a nice place and put us to work the rest of the week. 

Since we got that new place down on the island, we spent a whole day just moving apartments. Moving in the states is pretty inconvenient, but try doing it here in Hong Kong. The streets are two small and crowded that we cant use the van to move, so we have this little platform on wheels that we used to move everything. It wasnt to far to move, the new apartment was about 6 or 7 blocks from the old one. It was a long day when wwe moved everything. I love my companion elder Woo, but he is about 5'2" and hardly weighs 100 pounds. So not a ton of man power to get the job done, but we did it and had some fun in the process.

Christmas time is just around the corner and so we are helping Sister Hawks plan the big party and activity. I am really excited for that. I am in charge of putting together a slideshow of pictures of the year, so that has been really fun starting to make.

Here is a funny story you also might enjoy. Just when I thought I was getting a hold of this office thing, something came up. I got a call from President Hawks at 7 in the morning asking me why 16 boxes of chinese BOM are at his house in Orem Ut..... That was a surprise! So I called Salt Lake and had to figure out how in the world our order got sent to his address back in Utah. Something with the computer goofed and they sent it to the wrong place. We were able to get it all figured out, but I dont think I am going to live that down for the rest of my time in the office. I had my fingers crossed that maybe a bus full of chinese people would break down in front of Presidents house, but it never happened. haha

The days really seem to fly. Crazy how that starts to happen. I pray for you and hope that all is well back on the homefront! tommy gets home in 3 weeks?!?! What the?!? He is the man, that will be an awesome day! 

Well, I love you guys, until next week

Elder Woodburn

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