Monday, November 25, 2013

Nov. 24,2013 - Hey!

So another solid week out in SSP and the office. Crazy how fast the week goes when your pday is on Thursday and then again on Monday. Even without that, time straight flies. That's for sure. Sounds like all is well back in the States! Congrats to the mighty mighty Greenwave making it to state! I'm sure the whole town was stoked on that. I have the same expectations for the basketball team. So get to work!

I feel like we had a really successful week. We don't have much when it comes to investigators right now, but we are really helping some Less Actives make it out to church. One is named Tom and he is 17. he was baptized at the beginning of the year, but went la pretty quickly after. So we have been meeting with him and really helping him to get him involved in the ward. I know if it wasn't for Fallon 4th Ward, it would have been hard to be as involved as I was. So we are doing the same with him. Getting him to activities, FHE, everything so he can realize that this stuff is really going to change his course, but he has to let it.

Another Less Active we have been working with is named Penny. This kid is like 6'4" and is straight baller! He is on this All Hong Kong Junior team and has been winning tons of tournaments and stuff. The problem is that the games are all weekend things and so he never goes to church. But we made a break through! Yesterday he was at church before his game started. He decided that he could make it to Sacrament, and there he was! There is still work to do, but this was a huge deal. The ward thought we were miracle workers because they never thought we could get him to church, but there he was! He is a really awesome kid, I look forward to keep helping him realize that church is going to help him in all aspects, he just has to chose to let it. I have really developed a love for less active members and what value they are to the ward and to God. I haven't had a ton of success bringing new people to the knowledge of the gospel, but we have been able to help and remind lots of Less actives the importance of the gospel. god loves us all so much. I have a testimony of that for sure.

A lot of time this week was still working on opening the new apartment that we bought and closing the old one. It is a lot of work! I have really liked working on it though. I am really learning to find the joy in helping other missionaries fulfill their purpose. Even if it is small stuff. 

I wish I had more to report on, but it was a short week! Everyone in the zone is really excited about our Thanksgiving activity this Thursday. We all were assigned a food item to prepare and bring and have a nice thanksgiving with our zone. Our companionship was assigned turkey, so we will see how that goes. We bought one this morning and so it should be good. I wish I had paid more attention all those Thanksgivings. haha. I'm just going to put it in the oven and cross my fingers. haha.

We have had a lot of just little random things come up this week that have taken some time. Elders getting locked out of apartments and needing keys, or other stuff breaking. We have to take care of that stuff. I don't know how other missions take care of stuff like that. One that you cant drive across in an hour or two. But we also had a bible group from mainland come down wanting to know more about our church, so we put together a presentation for them. I thought it went really well. We also had a mainland guy just show up the other day saying he wanted to hear about our church. So we taught him and he will be back to hear more later! Cool, huh? The church situation in China is a little complicated, but I can just say that work there is blowing up, even without full time missionaries there. The work is true!

All in all, just another solid week and I'm looking forward to the one that we have ahead! Lots of opportunities. Lots to learn and apply!

I love you guys. remember to have an attitude of gratitude, not just this week but every week of the year!

Elder Woodburn

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