Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013

How is everyone??? I'm sure all is well. It was another great week here!

So it was an exciting week for sure. Lots going on, which is always fun. I have a few good stories from this week, so I am hoping that I can do them justice via email.

First, we have been visiting the home of a recent convert in the ward and teaching her son more about the church. He is only 7 so it can be hard to help him stay focused, but I think he has been learning a lot. The real miracle is that her husband hasn't really wanted to hear the lessons or see us at all. Before he would leave once we came, but this week he stayed and heard our message. He said that he wants to know more. So we gave him a book of Mormon and challenged him to read a specific chapter with his wife. It was a huge deal. People really do change, and it is so awesome to have a family to teach the gospel. This is the first full family I have got to visit and share the gospel with. 

Second, in HK we occasionally have people from mainland come to hear the gospel and be baptized. This last week we had a family from Beijing come and hear the lessons. some circumstances arose that we had to teach them for a part, but since I hardly know mandarin, I kept their 6 yr old son occupied. It was so fun playing with him. I didn't have to say a word to him, but I feel like I have an awesome 6 yr old friend who lives in Beijing now.

Another story kinda revolves around Mandarin missionary work. The Mandarins accidentally had two investigators scheduled at the same time, so we went on splits with them so that way we could cover both lessons. It wasn't that bad because they understood Cantonese, but spoke in Mandarin. So it was kinda fun trying to understand what was said in mandarin. They are close, but still totally different languages. 

Finding was also really fun this week. Our wards young men went with us and it was a good experience. We met a guy from the Congo who was really tall and was married to a Chinese lady here in HK. It was fun talking with him. He spoke french, so I asked him if i could go to the bathroom. That's all I really remember from high school. haha. I talked with his wife a bit and he was so suprised we spoke Chinese. Then he spoke some African Chinese that was hilarious and awesome. I love my mission because you never know who you are going to meet.

Things are well. Really well. I love you guys and hope that the Lord keeps you safe. 

Elder Woodburn

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