Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013 - Breakdancing, Fishballs, and the Book of Mormon

Honestly it was a crazy crazy week here in HK. Loving it!

So this week while finding, we ran into these kids break dancing. It was pretty cool. They were all pretty good and they were blaring old school 90's rap which I though was hilarious. They had no idea who we were or heard of the church before (blows my mind to think of how may people have never heard of the church before!). But anyways, They said that they would listen to our message. So we had them sit down and we taught them! I felt like I was back in Kindergarten, only this time I was Mrs. Boyd up there teaching while all the kids sat cross legged and listened. It was quite the experience! They were super attentive and seemed really interested. We have a few activities throughout the week, so we invited them to come check them out. Luckily, Saturday they came to the church. We showed them around and we taught them again. We even let them dance a bit in the cultural hall. It was a really good experience for them to see that we are just regular people. they think it is so cool what we do with our time for the two years and all the rules we chose to follow. It is leaving a good impression on them. We will continue to meet with them next week. Finding and teaching all these kids was an awesome experience!

So its been a while since I have talked about food. So you all know, I think that I am pretty well adapted, but there is still some stuff I have to choke down. This week, it was fish balls. they are sort of like hot dogs, only they are fish in ball form... haha. Not my favorite, but there is definitely worse things to eat. The Wok is defiantly different than the stuff I am eating here. haha.

In the mission this week, it was sort of like Christmas! The AP's finally finished translating the Book of Mormon into a romanized pingyam for all the missionaries! So I ordered one this week. It will have English, Chinese, and the ping yam, so we will be able to use the Book Of Mormon to learn the language now. That will be so cool being able to read scriptures to people in lessons!

This week we have transfers to everyone is a little antsy to see where they are going and who they will be with! We have another huge batch of missionaries coming straight from the MTC. Crazy to think that was just four months ago that I left and came to HK.

All is well here in HK. Things can get a little crazy, then slow as can be. Learning to go with the flow and just do what you can. Chinese is coming. Mainly out of necessity, but I got to give it up to Elder Fong, his English has gotten a lot better!

Love you all, all the way from HK!

Elder Woodburn

PS: I am slowly losing my English, or at least I am talking like a true Asian. I said, "The China" this week. Also, I couldn't remember what to call a weather man. I figured it out. Meteorologist! haha

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