Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013 - School? Work? Last-minute vacations?

Sounds like it was an all- American summer for sure. I saw some pics from Ryan and Special K's trip to LA. So jealous! Looked like it was so sweet. It is soooo weird to think that everyone is getting back into the routine of school and stuff. Seems like I just left. I can't even describe my smile as I read everyones emails and hear just how well everyone is doing. To quote the Church movie Legacy, "The Lord has blessed us." haha I quote church movies because thats all I can watch... haha. Oh well. 

I'm sitting on this computer trying to recap the week and I just keep asking myself, "where did the week go?". Crazy how fast it went. A lot has to do with just how different a life it has been as a trainer. Elder Phillips is the man and loves to learn so our days are just filled with teaching. Teaching street lessons, a few new investigators, less actives, English, and how to be a successful missionary. One thing I have really liked about Elder Phillips is that he always values what I have learned and share. Its a trait I think everyone needs, me especially. Never be too wise to be taught. I have been suprised at how many little things you pick up living here and doing the work. Hard to explain, but things are so great as far as it goes training. 

This week we had the biggest miracle for sure. We couldn't arrange any lessons or anything else during the day, so we had 8 hours of finding to do, then English class that night. Those days are rough. To make things worse, we couldn't get anyone to talk with us. It made it a long finding sesh. But we tried to stay positive, me especially so that way it could help Elder P. But just no luck. We were tired, a little disheartened, but thats when we saw a miracle. We taught English class that night and it was a greatbig turn out, but we couldnt getanyone to come. As The other missionaries were talking with this teenage kid, he said he lived in Yau Ngoi. Thats in our area!!!!!!!! I was so stoked. He said he found a flier on the ground and decided to check it out. His name is Aaron and he is the man. He has real interest in learning the gospel. He also plays the violin in this orchestra.He is just really awesome.I look forward to keeping you updated on how things go with him. Funny how the Lord works sometimes. You do your best and you don't feel like you did anything,but He blesses you for doing your best.

We have worked really hard this week to try and earn the trust of the ward. They see me and Elder Phillips and wonder how we can do it with limited Cantonese. One lady went to the US right after I got to Butterfly, and just got back this weekend. I welcomed her back and she looked at me and said,"Wait, how did you learn so fast?!?!" It has been really awesome inviting the ward members to teach with us. As they have done that, I think their trust in us has really grown and it continues to.

I hope everyone got a kick out of my analogy last week about the M&M's. Some of my friends on their missions wrote me and made fun of me. haha.

All is well. Found the cure all, its work. Work and things just go better. I think I learned this this week. Its whats making time fly and its what is going to help the people in our area most. So this week as you go back to school or keep working, remember just to work hard. Work harder than you think you can. The Lord will see you through. Do that and you will see miracles.

Love you guys,
Elder Woodburn

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