Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013 - It's officially summer in HK!

So things are really poppin in Hk right now. Schools out, people and tourists everywhere, and its hotter than any weather I have ever experienced! Hey, but that's just part of life, right? No complaints here! I am loving being in Butterfly. Since there is a nice pier in our area and the weather has been hot, it has helped us find some really interesting people! So that's always nice. A lot of what we do is the same, day in and day out, but meeting and talking with new people is what makes things interesting and fun!

So earlier this week, we did companionship exchanges within the zone. It was a really awesome opportunity because I stayed in Butterfly and had a new companion for a day. Since he didn't know the area or anyone in it, I had to take lead! Crazy for sure, but it was really awesome. We had a lot of success that day meeting and teaching new people. My Cantonese is getting a lot better, but there is still room for improvement. Well, lots of room, actually. haha. But I ended up teaching a few lessons all by myself on the pier because my comp was teaching as well. That was the first time that had happened, teaching alone, but we just sort of rolled with it. I thought things went well, but the lady asked about the Trinity and why we don't believe in it. I couldn't adequately explain, so it boiled down to me telling her to pray and ask God if what I had taught was true or not. I was a little frustrated I couldn't explain the way I wanted to, but I did my best. When it comes down to it, prayer and personal revelation is the only way we get our answers anyway, I learned I didn't need to eloquently explain. The Spirit is the best, and only teacher when it comes to these kind of things. Overall, the exchange was an awesome experience. There is something rewarding in doing your best and seeing some success, as well as feeling and knowing you're doing whats right.

We continue to struggle to help people progress and continue to hear the message of the gospel. We had a lot of investigators stand us up this week. But along with that, we saw what I would say is a miracle. Whenever we got stood up, we would just go finding. Almost every time we ended up seeing and teaching the person we were originally supposed to meet. Kind of cool, that happened four or five times this week.

Investigators are a struggle, but we are still seeing amazing progress with the less active members of our ward. One that comes to mind is Ling Hing Daih. He is super awesome, but has been less active most of his life. Only member in his family, and when he moved to Singapore for school, we had no idea where he was. We call these people "lost sheep" because we have no way of contacting them again. Luckily, he moved back and a member found him and introduced us. We have had some awesome discussions with him. truly another miracle!

So this week I sort of started seeing a Eastern medicine doctor... haha long story short is one of the members in our ward had us over for dinner and he works as an eastern medicine doctor. Well, like a western medicine meets eastern medicine doctor. haha he gave us a "special" pad to help with sore muscles and joints, as well as these weird supplements that we boil in water, then drink the water. Again, for sore joints and muscles. haha. It is a gross drink that I'm not sure is helping, but he swears by it. haha. That parents of that family both served missions, one in the states, so they have great English. They think they are my parents while I am in HK. They are awesome! Bishop Evett, he may have served with you in HK his name is Chan Wing Fai. Maybe you will know him... But anyways, they are they best. Defiantly being taken care of all the way across the globe!

Keep doing the right things in the right places. Sounds simple, maybe overly simple, but that's where success is. 

Love you all!

Elder Woodburn

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