Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Feb.17, 2014- Happy Valentines Day

Really quick week. Lots of change, but I feel like you learn to adjust pretty quickly. Elder Mak is learning all there is to do about housing and taking care of apartment stuff. He isn't too busy now, but in the next two months we have a few apartments that we need to renew or find new ones. Other than that, we have been able to really get out of the office and hit the streets!

On Friday, we had a call come from the temple saying that there were people there who wanted to learn the gospel, so we walked over there to meet them. It was a daughter and her mom. They saw the temple and thought it was really pretty and wanted to go inside. We took them over to the chapel and showed them around. The daughter is named Donna and she is actually born and raised in Canada. Her English was a lot better than her Cantonese, so I talked to her in English, while Elder Mak talked with the mom in Chinese. It was an interesting experience to get to teach in English. they were both really interested and so they said that they would be at church. They didn't make it though because they went to a different LDS church closer to their home, but walked into the wrong one. We scheduled them this week along with the missionaries that serve that area so we can show them the right one. It was cool to think that there are interested people out there and are more than willing to ask and seek out the answers to some of life's problems.

A-Ho had to work overtime this week at a new restaurant that his company opened up. So he has been really busy. We have talked with him over the phone a few times and he is doing well. Still praying and reading, so we are excited to turn him over to the missionaries that cover his are in Choi Hung.

Sunday was probably the busiest day of the week. We had a former investigator come to church, A-Seui. But he brought a friend to church, A-Fui. It was really surprising to see them there because we haven't been able to contact A-Seui for the last few months. His mom doesn't like him meeting with us, so he had to stop meeting with us. I don't know what was different this time, but it was great to see him and get to know his friend. We talked with them both after church and they are doing great. We talked about how everyone has challenges, but how Christ helps us overcome them. We read examples from the Book of Mormon so that they can see that it is true and the consequences of the truthfulness of that book. Went really great. Only problem is that A-Fui lives outside of our area as well, out in Tseun Wan. So we set a turnover for this week with him.

Lots of the people that we have met and taught this week live outside of our area, but they have real intent. I think that is what I have admired most about the people we have met this week, they have real intent. It is a good feeling being able to turnover great potentials to other missionaries too.

A Thai family came to church this week too, since they were in HK to come to the temple. We translated for them, which I don't know how much good that did, since their English wasn't super great. But they cooked a big lunch and had us eat with them. It was really fun because of the language barrier. We learned that they have a son in California on a mission. The funniest part was that the mom in her broken English kept saying that the girls in Thailand are very beautiful. It made for a really funny lunch. haha

As far as everything else goes, things are great! Time is really flying. Weird to think how that happens.

Until next week.

Elder Woodburn 

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