Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Feb. 10, 2014 - Lots of Changes

你好嗎?今個星期點啊? 我們在Office好忙喎!

So this week has been an interesting one. I think I mentioned last week that Elder Woo and I would be staying together in the office. Well, I was wrong. Tuesday Elder Woo got the call that he would be leaving and that he would need to train a new Housing elder before he goes back out this Thursday. So my new companion is Elder Mak, from the west point of HK island. He is a lot different than Elder Woo. His english isnt as good, so I hope that I can help him best I can while we are together. Im sure he will progress fast. I have had native speaking companions pretty much my whole mission so my chinese has improved a lot. I still feel like I dont know very much, but its just more opportunities to learn. But that is what is going on in the office. I will still be here, but just with a new companion.

We had a really great week. Most of it was spent in the office because Elder Mak has a lot to learn about the housing responsibilities, but we were still able to meet with A-Ho. He is doing great. We asked him why he is so diligent in finding out if our message was true, his reply was awesome. He said that he has seen his life begin to change as he has thought and acted upon the things we have shared. He said that he has faith in God that He will help him. Thats huge! When we first met, he didnt even think God existed, now he growing his faith by acting. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the change in peoples lives because of the gospel, but the fact that he recognizes it is even better. We set something up this week so he will get to know the missionaries in his area. I dont know if I mentioned it last week, but he lives in the neighboring area, not ours, so we need to pass him to the right elders. I am just happy that he is using faith to act and find out the truth for himself.

Last Monday we had the chance to go and visit Elder Kho's grandma in an old folks home. Oh yeah, I dont know if I mentioned that before, but I live with my trainer again! He got permission to go and visit his grandma, so we tagged along. It was really fun. All the old people loved having us there and talking with them. I attached a picture, check it out! It was so funny because Elder Kho's grandma took the picture with us and then was so surprised that we could immediately look at it. She was embarrassed she didnt comb her hair so she quickly ran her hand through her hair and made this cool Mohawk thing. haha It was so fun getting to know real family in Hong Kong. Made me appreciate the importance of family in the Chinese culture.

Time just keeps on going. Weird to think that we are into February already. Hope all is well back at home.

Elder Woodburn

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