Monday, February 3, 2014

Feb. 3, 2014 - Happy Lunar New Year

So it was suprisingly a slow week out this way. No one told me that Chinese new year makes it super tough to do missionary work. It is a really traditional holiday, so everyone is home and visiting family. Makes it tough to schedule people and meet new people. 

We did manage begin teaching a new investigator this week though! His name is Jeun Faat. He was met by the sisters and so they turned him over to us. He is 15 and a really cool kid. Has a ton of faith in Jesus Christ, so it has been an awesome experience teaching him. He started the BoM last week and we have him scheduled again this week. He is great!

We also met with A-Ho again and he is doing well as well. He has little knowledge of the Savior, so we read stories of miracles that he performed and more about his life. He seemed to really be soaking it up. He has the most sincere prayers I have heard, trying to figure out if God is real and if Jesus Christ is really someone he can rely on to overcome all things. 

There is a tradition in the Chinese new year that you take one day and you clean your apartment. Like really clean it. So Saturday was set apart as "deep clean day". We cleaned the entire day. A solid 15 hour block of cleaning. It was exhausting! But good to get our apartment in order and to throw away tons of junk.

Sunday was interesting. Church was just sacrament meeting because of the new year and we combined with the other ward that meets in our building. Attendance was scarce... Everyone went up to Mainland to visit their 家鄉, their home town sort of thing. Where their ancestors came from. Still fun. Wierd to think that a week ago our sacrament was bursting with mainlanders, then this week, we hardly have anyone because they all went to mainland.

I wish I had more to report, but the new year really put a damper on things. Still an awesome experience.

Excited for the holiday to end, so we can get back to work!

Elder woodburn

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