Fam and Friends!
How's it goin back in the states? Sounds like the All-American summer! Cool to see pics of Special-K right off the airplane. No sooner, he's back at school! Time flies.

So this week was really awesome, I'll start off with some Chinese cultural stuff first! So can anyone guess two of the Chinese' favorite things in the world? Tissues and Karaoke! Not what you expected? Haha. But for real, I thought it was just a ShaTin thing, but in every park, there are at least three or four people karaokeing and dancing. Mainly just the old women, while all the old men creepily just sit around and watch. It goes on here as well. Tons of it. So wherever you walk, you are within hearing distance of some old lady singing an old Chinese song. Kind of cool I guess. The other thing, tissues! the Chinese don't believe in napkins or paper towels, but everyone is carrying a pack of tissues at all times! We were finding on the pier and I was sweating a ton. I stopped and talked with this lady who took pity on me because I was so hot. She didn't really want to talk, but she gave me a pack of tissues. Charity in its finest! haha. but really, you use them a ton here. Just a couple things about Chinese culture. That's culture, right?

This is going to be a really short email, and I'm sorry, but time is short. All in all, things in WuhDihp are awesome. It has rained a ton, which has made finding people to teach tough, but nonetheless, we have a few new investigators. Nothing short of a miracle!

All is well in the land of Butterfly! Thanks for all the support and love from you guys. I couldn't keep doing this without it. I hope everyone learned something new from this email! Sorry no new news about the work! Until next week!

Elder Woodburn