Sunday, May 26, 2013

May 22, 2013

So how is everyone doing today??? I'm sorry that my email is a little late, we had to move our P-Day because we went to the temple today! The HK temple was unreal.
So how is everything back at home? I really appreciated hearing from everyone. You all seem great!
So I have to apologize if my blog is starting to sound more like a tv show off the Food Network, but this week was pretty rough when it comes to food! I learned that Chinese people don't get sarcasm at all. Remember when I ate those baby pigeons? Well, we had them again at that same member's house. He uncovered them and said, "You said you like so much, I have to make again!" I'm working on getting rid of the sarcasm, my stomach will thank me. haha. Do you all remember that century egg stuff I told you all about before I left? Well, this was the week that I finally encountered it. It was hands down the worst thing I have tasted in my life! I have pictures I will send next week, but it is black and the yolk is green. Literally a rotten egg! The worst thing is that it ended up giving me food poisoning, so all of Thursday I was put out of commission. My stomach still isn't back at a 100%, but it's slowly getting there. Lastly, I had the chance of eating Durian. Durian is a gaint fruit that smells like a smelly old man. It tasted like one too. I don't know what is worse, the egg or this fruit. I'll take the fruit though. haha. That's it for food this week, it was pretty rough. The nice thing is I am pretty sure I can eat anything now. Only one way to go and that's up!

So what happened this week? We have been very fortunate to meet with a lot of new investigators this week. One we met a few weeks ago and his name is Harry. Harry looks a lot like an Asian Harry Potter so maybe that's where he got his English name? haha. But really, he is awesome. Loves reading and meeting with us. Elder Kho has been letting me teach most of the lessons to help my language, which can be rough, but Harry was really patient. We were even able to establish a baptismal date! So hopefully we can stay on the path to helping him learn more. Another new investiagtor we were able to meet with is Nick. Nick is from Mainland and just graduated University and is starting to work as a computer programmer. He is hard to understand just because his vocabulary is way refined, but he too is awesome! He is new to Christianity so we have had to start from the very very basics, but he is just soaking it up! All in all, our investigators are all doing great. ShaTin is a very blessed place to work in right now.

Guess what is this Sunday? Avis and Peter's baptism! We are getting ready for that. It has been very cool for me to see their progression. My first lesson in ShaTin was with those two when we established this baptismal goal. And now, here they are about to accomplish it almost two months later! They are great. Pictures to come this Monday!

What else is new in HK? Well summer has officially hit! It has been deathly hot! I am not used to this humidity at all! It may only be 90 degrees out, but add 95% humidity and you are basically in a sauna all day everyday. I knew it was going to be hot, but this hot?!? All is well, I am starting to adjust. I just can't imagine how cold it will be coming back to the states once I'm fully acclimated to this hot and wet weather! It has been raining a ton. Today we actually had black rain. That just means that it rained really hard. The streets tend to turn into rivers. I had no idea it was even possible to rain like it has been! Just one more thing to get used to I guess.

In all, I am doing great! I have been able to see some progress in the language which has been really encouraging. Lots of hard work matched with faith. Like I said, we are seeing a lot of progress as well with the people we have been working with.

I love you all and I hope that I am making you all proud.


Elder Woodburn

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