Monday, May 13, 2013

May 13, 2013 - Happy Mother's Day from Hong Kong

Another week come and gone! I can't explain how it happens, but every day is so full and demanding, then before we even know it, I am back in the Library reporting on another week in the promised land of ShaTin. Time can be weird. Not the first time I have said that, and probably wont be the last as a missionary.

So what all went down this week? Well, this week in Hong Kong is the DSE. All "seniors" in high school have their English oral test this week so we had a ton of opportunities to help them prepare for it. Teaching English is so fun for me because I'm fluent... Its nice. haha. But really, it is an awesome experience trying to help other improve. Along with all this English help, we have been able to teach a ton of people. It can be challenging, because of language, but I do my best to stay fully engaged and make it a learning experience for all of us. Peter and Avis have their test today. I am excited to hear how it goes. They are still right on track for their baptisms. The 26th of this month! It has been a cool experience for me to see their progress. As they have progressed in the gospel, it seems like all other areas of their lives have grown too. Just a bonus to all of this is what good friends they are to me. I can joke around with them and it is just so fun. I can't say a ton, but I know enough to give them a hard time. haha.

Aside from teaching, we have had the opportunity to meet and eat with a ton of members and their families. There are some crazy stories from these meals. Last night is a good example. We met with a family who had two dogs, Toffee and Barbie. Barbie loved me and it was so great. I do love dogs. But Toffee didn't care for me too much. At one point she tried to bite me. I was a little freaked out. haha The family just said in broken English, " Oh he playing! He love you, he just sensitive." The family was so great, but Chinese culture can just be a little different. They said I looked like a short and fat Tom Cruise. haha. I guess that's a compliment? Not totally sure. All in all, the members here in ShaTin are great. And I love our meals with them.

One funny story that happened on Saturday to the other Elders, that I have been lucky enough to be a part of is, They met a lady at the church. Turns out that she thought they were rich and could pay here credit card bill. So she asked them for $5000HK. they tried to explain that we don't have money and that we couldn't help her. They got her to leave, but has been calling them nonstop for the past couple days. She has offered us food, kisses, everything, if we can pay her bill! Crazy huh? haha. It may not sound as funny over email, but trust me, it has been really funny listening to her voice mails.

Everyone want a food update? Well this week wasn't that bad. Nothing too crazy, at least I don't think so. I ate this weird steamed octopus/chicken ball thing. It wasn't bad. Maybe I am finally getting adjusted.

The heat is something that I am still adjusting to! It is really heating up here in HK! I'm not quite sure what the temperatures are (no smart phone) but it is so humid. I die. Whenever we go to the church or a members home, they look at me then turn on the air conditioner. haha. Missing the dry Nevada heat, that's for sure.

All in all, it was a great week. Things in ShaTin are going well. Language is still a struggle, but you just try your best. That's all that is really asked. I am beginning to love it here. Still different, but you make the most of it.

That is one thing that I have noticed this past week, you just make the most of it. Things aren't always going to go your way, but as we put ourselves in the right places in the right times, things will work out. Not on our time, but on God's time.

To all the moms, and especially mine, Happy Mothers Day. Mom's are very special people. They do so much for us, a lot that goes unnoticed. I'm thankful for all the moms in my life that have helped me become the person I am today. I love you mom!

Well that's really it. Working hard each and everyday. That's what you do. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers, you are all in mine.

Elder Woodburn

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