Monday, February 11, 2013

Week 2, Already??

Family and Friends,

I am going to echo the words of my bro Elder Stockard when I say this, but has another week already gone by? It really does go by so fast. I think this is because I have a great companion and district, an awesome support network back on the home front, and a wonderful teachers and instructors here at the MTC! I wanna thank everyone for the mail that I have gotten so far. There is nothing better than seeing letters with your name on them. I am doing my best to respond to everyone, but Mondays are the only days that I really have to write. I especially want to thank the ward for sending me that big ole' valentines heart! It is nice to know people are thinking of you.

I want to send a big shout out to the girls across the way at Liberty Square! The Baltics, Portugal, and Guatemala are so blessed to have you serve in those areas! I am proud of you guys. Missionary work is something that I hold very dear, and it makes me so happy to hear you are answering the Lord's call.

This week has been crazy! We have really gotten to know all the Cantonese districts and I love them so much. I think that there are about 3000 missionaries here at the MTC, and only 18 (including myself) are learning that awesome language. What a blessing it is to know all of these great sisters and elders who will all be serving in HK! Just to tell you about a few of those great missionaries. Two sisters are from the Philippines and they are so funny. We joke with them a ton, and they just give me a funny look. I haven't really figured out if I'm just not funny or that they don't get the humor. I am probably going to guess door number 1... haha. Another missionary that I love is Elder Townsend. He is from Utah and was just a freshman at BYU. Easily the funniest kid I have met who can lighten any mood, but he also knows how to work and to bring the spirit. I am convinced I work with the best missionaries in the world and am taught by some of the best as well. I love our teacher, Sister Farr (Fung Ji Muih), she loves and cares about us and teaches us so well. I attribute all that I have learned to her and her conviction to the Lord. She was a great missionary in HK 6 months ago and I can't wait to pick up where she left off. We also got a new teacher, Sister Tai (Dai Ji Muih). She is a native of HK. Her English isn't the greatest, but I have never heard a stronger testimony than hers while at the MTC. It gives me hope that even with my simple Cantonese, my testimony will shine forth. She has been an awesome resource when it comes to pronunciations and tones. I have learned that there are 9 different ways to say seurng (along with many other words) with 9 different meanings. Yes, that is my life for the next 24 months. Frustrating, but nothing has made me more excited in my life.

I don't remember if I included this in my last email, but my name, Wuh, means reckless or wildly stupid... I have to admit it fits to an extent. The sisters in my district think it is hilarious.

I see a ton of missionaries I know from Fallon or from BYU. Elder Alonzo Williams and I see one another a ton at lunch and dinner. I also see Elder Cuseneau which is awesome. It brings me back to freshman year. I have also seen Hermanas Hamilton and Furimann which is great too. One thing I have learned about the MTC is to meet everyone. It is a good feeling walking around this place and seeing old friends or new ones you make while here. I have more time than anyone to make friends here at the MTC. 9 weeks! I am loving the MTC, but I am so glad we aren't on the old 12 week schedule.

If you have questions about my stay here at the MTC, Please send me a dearelder! It is a really fast way to get a hold of me and to ask questions. Emailing is awesome, but it is hard to get everything typed out and organized in 30 minutes.

I know this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ. I wouldn't have left everything and everyone I love behind if I didn't know it was true. This gospel makes me happy, it can make you happy as well. Come to know Christ. He is our Savior and Redeemer. I see miracles everyday here. We really just need to have our eyes open to see and recognize them. I miss you all, but there is no place I would rather be (well except for Hong Kong itself... haha).


Wuh Jeung Louh 

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