Sunday, February 24, 2013

February 18, 2013

Ngohge gatihng tuhng maih puhng yauh!

That means, My family and friends! How is everything back in the world? I am sure everything is going great. The same can be said for here at the MTC. Something funny happened just yesterday that reminded me just how removed we are from the world while here at the MTC. Our branch consists of the 3 Cantonese districts and 4 districts heading to the Philippines. Our Branch President casually brought up an earthquake that hit the Philippines just a few days ago. We were all just in awe! Things like that are the sort of thing you just don't hear about while at the MTC. It is especially crazy because how relevant the news was to those 4 other districts. It made me think that HK could get hit with fire and brimstone or something and I wouldn't even know the difference. Just a thought... Haha.

The week really did fly by. Maybe the fastest yet. Our Cantonese is far from good, or even ok, but it is at the point where we can communicate. At 3 weeks??? Miracles happen here, like I have said before. Tomorrow we are doing an English fast, so only Cantonese (We will see how it goes... haha). The hard part of the week is seeing all these missionaries come and go. English missionaries are here for 12 days. Is that not insane? 2 new Tagalog districts came this week and still leave 2 weeks before we do. I guess that is just how the story goes for missionaries who are speaking Asian languages. I am not going to complain though. I know that I am going to need every minute of my stay here so I can be as prepared as possible. We watched a video about 2 girls from HK and their conversion. It is all in Cantonese and they speak incredibly fast. Listening to them is a humbling experience. I could only pick up one or two words a sentence, but that is more than I could last week so that is progress. The MTC is the best thing to happen to missionaries learning a new language. I am taking #SpecialK's advice with TALL time. It is a computer program to help us with vocab and it is so awesome. A huge tool in learning this language.

If I had to put a theme to the week, it would definitely be love. Seems fitting since it was just Valentines. I got thinking that we need to show love everyday, even as the Savior showed love unto the world. That love is manifested through His Atonement. We ALL can feel of that love. What a gift, the true gift of love.

I forget what I put in each email home, so be patient with me if I am repetitive... Haha. The Cantonese districts have the best teachers in all the MTC. Never have I felt so much love from a relative a stranger, day in and day out, they are so great. They are so patient with us in speaking and listening, as well as with teaching fundamentals of missionary work. They do so much good each and every week.

Thank you for all the prayers, love, and support. I couldn't be the person I am without it. Know that I have a testimony of missionary work and that is why I am here. This gospel is happiness, it is love. The love of God. We all can feel of that love. Until next week!

Ngoi (love),

Wuh Jeung Louh

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