Monday, February 4, 2013

Feb. 4, 2013

I have made it through my first week at the MTC! I honestly can say that I love it. People have said the days feel like weeks, but then the weeks feel like days. I can attest to that principle. We wake up early, work until late, without any empty time in between. But now it is a P-Day! Our district kind of has a "weekend" because of Sundays in the MTC are very relaxing and refreshing (no classes), then we have Monday to prepare. It has been a welcome break to the week.

First day is such a blur to me now. I got dropped off, walked into the MTC with Alonzo, then got my name badge. Dropped my bags at my residence then went to class, didn't even get to unpack. We had a Cantonese class right away which was so scary. Our teacher, Fung ji muih (Sister Farr) only speaks to us in Cantonese. It was intimidating and confusing to say the least. After that class, we had some introductions to the MTC presidency, then back for another class. After that we got to unpack, then bed! Days are just full of teaching methods then Cantonese. I have only been here 5 days and we have already taught 2 lessons all in Cantonese, with another one tonight. Our investigators are teachers here at the MTC and act like investigators they taught on their missions. Our investigator is named Pauline. We have taught her about prayer and the Book of Mormon already and have committed her to read the book and pray. We will see how well she has kept her commitments tonight.

My companion is Fok jeung louh (Elder Falk) and he is from Salt Lake and is 18. He is awesome to work with. We get along really well and have been a huge help to each other learning Cantonese. We live with Tong tuhng maih Lee Jeung Louhs (Elders Townsend and Lee). They are in the other district, but are learning Cantonese and are going to Hong Kong as well (Both of them are 18 as well so I am the old man). They are awesome. I was made our district leader, so I have to get the mail, be sensitive to others needs, be a good example, and coordinate our service projects. I was surprised that they entrusted me with that responsibility, but I am so happy I have another outlet to serve others while here at the MTC!

The first couple days were difficult, but so rewarding. I haven't even been here a whole week and I know so much Chinese, well, relatively speaking. We have already taught lessons all in Cantonese. That is a miracle. The spirit here is strong, and it keeps things rolling along well. I can honestly say that I love the MTC and I am going to love every minute of it. It is an experience I will only get to do once so I am going to enjoy it. It doesn't make sense not to. Letters and packages have been so nice to get, knowing people are there for me. I have the greatest support network and it is because of your help, that I can be a successful missionary.

Things I have learned at the MTC: Practice your free throws. To get into a game here, you must make a free throw. Something I cant always do... so I play four square a lot. Elder Special K was right, it is the way to go. Get to know your zone leaders. They have been here longer than you and know the ins and outs of the MTC. They are a great source of knowledge and friendship. Enjoy the little things. The sun is such a blessing and just the sight and feel of it can lift anyones' spirits.

Know that I love you all and that I do miss and think of you. But I have committed myself to the Lord and His work, so that is what I am going to do, work. The Lord loves us all, I know that is true. I know that the Savior lives. He is in our devotionals, our meetings, our classroom. Come to know that His love is offered to all! Obedience is key in coming to feel that love. I have seen His hand so much this week.

ngoi (love),

Wuh Jeung Louh
(Elder Woodburn)

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