Monday, January 20, 2014

Jan. 15, 2014 Mongolians are officially my favorite people in the world

How goes it everyone? Back into the swing of school and things yet? Im sure you are all doing so great 加油!

this week has been really great. There are a few experiences that i will tell you about. First is we were able to meet with a less active that we have been working with again this week. We felt impressed to talk about family history, kind of wierd, but that what we did. He straight loved it! He got out all this stuff and was on the computer making his family tree, really just soaking it up. We talked about through his efforts, he can help his ancestors enjoy the gospel as well. He felt the spirit for sure, but when we invited him to begin living some commandments, he said no. He is ready to change yet, but he is changing. His name is brother Hung and he really is a diamond in the rough. It can be frustrating because he still doesnt want to change, but it is a process, not an event that we are helping him to experience.

I also had the chance of going on exchanges this week! I went out to Tung Chung with a newer missionary Elder Wong who is from Malaysia. It was an awesome time. Tung Chung is a small little town right outside the airport. Very quiet, very rural. it was just an awesome change of scenery from the hustle and bustle of SSP. They have an investigator out there that had a baptismal interview, but didn't pass because he doesn't quite have a testimony of President Monson as a prophet. So that is what we helped him to overcome. We had probably one of the best lessons I have ever gotten to sit in on along with the Branch President out there. All of us were able to come out of the lesson with a stronger testimony of living prophets and a stronger desire to follow their counsel. truly an aweosome thing to have a problem and be able to resolve it by following the guidance of the spirit. The investigator is having another interview this week and i am sure that he will be baptized the week after. truly a miracle and mercy of the Lord.

Lastly, there is a huge group of Mongolians here this week to go to the temple. All of them except for two or three of them only speak mongolian (which sounds like a mix of mandarin and Russian and is the most manly language i have ever heard). So it is fun interacting with them. They come in to the office wanting to thank us or get directions and it is so fun. there is one old man who has come in a few times and he is so cool! He has no idea what I am saying, and I dont have any idea what he is saying, but it is just fun. He came in today and said something, so i stood up to help him. he grabbed my arm and just said, "car" and did a wheel motion. I finally figured out that he was looking for the train station, not a car. So we walked him down to the station, him latched onto my arm the whole time. I will be sure to get a picture with him to send next week. What makes them so great I think is the great sacrifices they go through to come to the temple. Mongolia is really far and they are so willing to give up what they had to be here at the temple. I admire their courage and faith.

Really, a solid week. loving it out here. Everyone has new year resolutions, be sure to stick to them! be better, have more faith, want to change, then do it!

Love you,
Elder Woodburn

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