Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15, 2013

So how about that General Conference?? I realized that missionaries are always behind the times as far as movies and music, turns out that conference is the same here in HK! Conference is a special meeting, especially while here on a mission. We had a lot of investigators come and so we had to meet them, get them into the Cantonese room and sit them with a member, then we would go and watch it in a different room in English, then try and catch them before they left to see how their experience was. Crazy, huh? Well it was. We ended up doing member splits to get the job done. That was scary, because I hadn't met all of the investigators I taught before! My Cantonese is improving, but slowly. Still I have no idea what is going on outside of church, then in church I really only understand the topic of what is being spoken about. It will come... I hope. Haha. One lady that came to conference is a brand new investigator and this was her first experience at our church. We met up with her near the train station to show her where the chapel was. She is about 70 and her name is Gou Siuje. It took us 30 minutes to walk to the church that usually takes us 5 because she walked so slow! It was really funny I thought, as we slowly shuffled to conference. Conference really was awesome. Sister Dalton and Elder Hollands talks really have stood out in my mind. We truly have a prophet on the earth today as well as apostles and other inspired leaders. If you don't believe that, watch conference. It was a huge missionary tool we used this week.

So about the rest of the week. We spend a ton of time finding. We walk the river in our area for at least a few hours each day. It is tough because people don't really want to talk to missionaries. Regardless, we try each and everyday. I say "hello" or "how is your day?" to everyone I can. Most people pretend they can't hear you and just ignore you. A lot of people shake their heads at you or get the look on their face that says, "is he really talking to me?" It can be hard, but you only get better at things you continue to try and do. There was one exception this week to this though. It happened Friday night. I heard some people running to catch up with Elder Kho and I. Then they started yelling, "Elders! Elders!" I was super surprised, just because they were speaking English and calling us by our title. It was a short Filipino couple who are members and they are on vacation here in HK. They were so excited to see us and that we were doing the Lord's work. Both were converts to the church and are moving to LA soon. They were very nice. They even wanted pictures with us! So I'm pretty sure Elders Kho and I are on some random Filipino couples FB. So keep an eye out for us! haha. When we aren't out finding, we have spent most of our time teaching Avis and Peter. They are awesome. They have just been soaking it up. The cool thing is that Avis' older sister, Calla, is also and investigator. She is going to be baptized next week! Isn't that great? The companionship in Sha Tin had been working really hard, especially before I got here. We had the opportunity of teaching Calla last night. She is about 25 and is an art teacher. She is the nicest girl ever! She is having a hard time though because her mom is a really devout Buddhist. We had a great lesson with her and we will have dinner with her and her mom at our stake presidents apartment on Tuesday. Hopefully that goes well. The lesson was great though. I don't understand everything she says, but I knew enough to promise her everything will work out. I have been working really hard to learn vocab to share some of my experiences and it really payed off. It was a great great lesson.
You all are probably wondering about food and what it is like here in HK. Well it is so different than Panda Express, I will tell you that. Most of the time, I just try and not think about what it is that I am eating, but that doesn't always work because they put the head of what ever it is to show you! I have a picture to prove my point. I wouldn't say that I don't like the food, it is just that it is different. I do eat a lot at McDonald's, not just because it is something I like, but because a big mac meal is only $21HK, that isn't even $3 American! Perfect on a missionary budget. I'm not worried about gaining any weight here, just because we are out in the hot humid weather walking all day in suit coats. Gaining weight will be the least of my worries, especially this Summer. I eat enough at McDonald's that the cashier, Fun, knows exactly what I get each time. Big Mac meal, no cheese. She loves seeing us and is excited every time we pop in for lunch or dinner. It is quite the accomplishment, developing a reputation with a McDonald's crew halfway across the world, don't you think? Haha. Don't worry, I do eat healthy everywhere else, I promise!
Today Kho and I are going to Mong Kok, which is a super populated part of HK to check out some shops. I am so excited! It should be fun.
This week I read through the gospel of John. What an inspiring book! I know we have a Savior, His name is Jesus Christ. His gospel is true. It is why I'm a missionary.

愛 Love

基 Wuh Gei Him, My Chinese name. It means a foundation of humility.

Elder Woodburn

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