Monday, April 29, 2013

Another week in the Promised Land

Well, where to really start? It was another full week. We spent a ton of time finding. Not a ton of success, but there are definitely some good potential. I'll try and give you the highlights from the week and most of them revolve around our time finding people to try and teach.

So in ShaTin, there is a giant racetrack. Horse racetrack. Reminiscent of Churchill Downs where they have the Kentucky Derby, and I can say that because I have been there (Thank you FFA) haha. Fun fact is in the 2008 Olympics, the equestrian events were here in ShaTin. But anyways, we were finding and we accidentally followed some contacts into the racetrack on race day. There were tons of people, so we just kept talking and talking and before we knew it, we were practically watching the race. Not the best place for missionaries to be. haha. So we booked it out of there and stuck to our normal area. Later that day, we had dinner at a member's house. They also invited a couple of other families over from the ward. There were a ton of people in that little apartment. Since there was so many people, they treated it like a special occasion and got some special food... See where this is going? The main course was baby pigeon!!! You heard that correctly, baby pigeon. How did I know that it was pigeon? Because the heads were also on the plates! Plus, my companion told me. haha. So that night I ate two baby pigeons. The worst part was that I rather enjoyed them. It was weird, as we left we saw a couple pigeons flying around. Then it clicked in my brain what I had eaten and I wanted to throw up.... Haha. But really, if you have the opportunity to eat baby pigeon, try it! Another little thing about the food here in HK, well maybe more about table manners. It isn't consider impolite to chew with your mouth open, so I'm still adjusting to that. Also when you eat meat, there are always bones. So what to do with these bones? You spit them onto the table of course! It is very different here... So that is my update on food. haha.

This week we found the sweetest family. I just met them on the street and started talking with them. Turns out the Mom is originally from Main Land and they have two kids. One is just a 9 month year old baby and he is the cutest. Langji as we call them. Means pretty boy. But this family talked to us for a while, then we invited them to come to the English class that we were teaching later that day. What was crazy is, they actually came! That never happens! After class, they told us they want us to come over for dinner next week. Talk about a miracle. I am looking forward to meeting with them more. Just one of the miracles finding.

This week we also started teaching another woman originally from Main Land, her name is Momo. She is also way cool. She is studying to be a nurse and was just another street contact. There is a joke in the mission that all mainlanders are golden. It is a huge generalization, but a ton of our investigators are originally from Main Land. So that is way cool.

Yesterday was Calla's confirmation. It was another special experience. Calla is a very special person. I haven't had the opportunity to teach her very much, but the hand of the Lord has really worked wonders for her. I have realized that sometimes it can be difficult seeing the blessings in our own lives, but as a missionary, we have the opportunity to see those blessings in the lives of others. Way cool. But Calla is great, she is even helping us get Avis, her younger brother, get ready to be baptized in late May. Avis is just as awesome. He is the equivalent to a Senior in High School. Super great. We are meeting with him a couple times this week. Really looking forward to that.

Things can be tough sometimes, but there are miracles happening everyday. They truly are. Sometimes you just have to push through the hard parts to realize it. I am starting to understand just a little as we go throughout our days. Cantonese is hard. But it will come. Just got to have patience, only problem is I want patience right now... I'll keep working on it. haha.

I hope these emails give you a small idea of how my weeks are, but truly it is hard to put into words this mission experience. Even when I get home, I don't think I could quite convey it. Just know that things here are great. Its hard, but it is worth it. This work is true. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't. Love you all.

Elder Woodburn

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